The Float Haven

$50 for a 90-minute float
(and if there's no one scheduled after you, we encourage
you to stay in longer, no extra charge)
call 503.384.2620

Welcome to the Float Haven- we’re a small float clinic located in San Francisco (San Pancho), Nayarit, Mexico. We have a single open float room available most days and hours. You can find our schedule and book an appointment here.

The cost is $40 USD (or currency equivalent) for 1.5 hours float session (and if there’s no one scheduled after you, we encourage you to keep floating).

We will consider trades, goods, and other services in exchange for float time (at reasonable value estimations).

The float room

We have an open float room- also known as an isolation / sensory deprivation / floatation tank.

The float tank solution is about 200 gallons (or 750 liters) water, 1250 pounds (or 550kg) medical grade magnesium sulfate, and 100ppm hydrogen peroxide.

Specific gravity 1.275 (near saturation)

Purified using oversized particulate and UV filters with residual H202

Float room and tank designed with consideration to hygiene and sensory attenuation- near skin temperature water and air, absent of most light, sound, and smell.

*Operator is NSPF pool & spa certified

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