The Float Haven

$50 for a 90-minute float
(and if there's no one scheduled after you, we encourage
you to stay in longer, no extra charge)
call 503.384.2620

"Floatation offers my patients a wonderful passive therapy that provides the opportunity to accelerate healing, reduce stress, and alleviate pain and suffering.  In my practice, improvement in spinal and extremity mobility is paramount and floatation is an integral component for many of my patient’s treatment plans.  As a side bar, my wife and I regularly float for our own optimal health and wellness and have also experienced all of the above mentioned benefits."
- Dr. Michael Glaskin Clay DC, Buffalo Grove , IL

$40 for 1.5 hour session

(and if there's no one scheduled 

after you, we encourage you to 

keep floating, no extra charge)

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San Pancho (San Francisco), Nayarit
(by appointment only)

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