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"Floatation offers my patients a wonderful passive therapy that provides the opportunity to accelerate healing, reduce stress, and alleviate pain and suffering.  In my practice, improvement in spinal and extremity mobility is paramount and floatation is an integral component for many of my patient’s treatment plans.  As a side bar, my wife and I regularly float for our own optimal health and wellness and have also experienced all of the above mentioned benefits."
- Dr. Michael Glaskin Clay DC, Buffalo Grove , IL

Examining the short-term anxiolytic and antidepressant effect of Floatation-REST


“This study found that a single one-hour session of Floatation-REST was capable of inducing a strong reduction in state anxiety and a substantial improvement in mood in a group of 50 anxious and depressed participants spanning a range of different anxiety and stress-related disorders (including PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, and Social Anxiety Disorder). The findings from this open-label study suggest that Floatation-REST may be a promising technique for acutely reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, although the persistence of these effects is presently unknown. With regard to our primary outcome measure, the reduction in state anxiety was evident in every participant regardless of sex or medication status (Fig 4A). Moreover, the anxiety reduction was robust, with an estimated Cohen’s d > 2 across all disorders and subgroups (S3 Fig). Beyond the immediate dissipation of anxiety, the float experience also induced a significant decrease (p < .0001) in self-reported stress, muscle tension, pain, depression, and negative affect, along with a significant increase (p < .0001) in serenity, relaxation, happiness, positive affect, overall well-being, energy levels, and feeling refreshed, content and peaceful (Fig 5), with estimated effect sizes ranging from large to very large across variables (Fig 6).”

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